The Highest Quality Paving and Ground Work in the Andover, MA  Area

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Truck 1For over thirty years owner Barry McQuade has been providing the highest quality paving, masonry, and ground services to the greater Merrimac Valley area.

 McQuade Paving

Each part of the project is critical to the total success.  It starts with good ground preparation.  As in the image above large rocks, roots, loam, and debris needs to be removed and replaced with specific sizes of crushed stone.  It’s where you can’t see, below the pavement, where many problems begin.  Water needs to flow in and out of this area to prevent frost heaves.  

  McQuadeThe quality of the asphalt mix is critical to the longevity of the pavement.  McQuade Paving uses DOT grade pavement for all installations.  The mix must be kept hot while spreading and compacting.  McQuade Paving will not install pavement below critical ambient temperatures.